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What Is The Difference Between A2+ Milk & Mainstream Milk?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Rather than dawdle on, let’s cut straight to the question: How is A2+ milk different from regular milk? As for the answer, we need to tell you about the two β-casein proteins found in cow’s milk: A1 and A2.

What’s a Beta-Casein Protein? Well, if you’ve ever experienced some not so great side effects after enjoying a glass of white gold, this fellow may have been the culprit. Born from a genetic mutation in cows, A1 is almost identical to A2. However, the difference in just one amino acid chain makes A2 milk easier to break down, absorb, and enjoy.

Capable of relieving digestive discomfort and less likely than A1 milk to cause inflammation and constipation, let’s run through the many differences between A2 milk and mainstream milk to highlight our unique A2+ Probiotics Formulated Full Cream Milk Powder.

A2 Milk vs Normal Milk, Who Wins?

The majority of the milk we drink, whether it be full cream, lite, skim, or half and a half, contains the A1 protein. As one of the β-casein proteins found in cow's milk, the A1 protein has been linked to poor digestion and other gastrointestinal issues thanks to the amino acid chain of A1 milk. When broken down, a peptide called BCM-7 (beta-casein morphin) is produced, which has been shown to slow down food digestion, leading to all sorts of problems downstairs.

Surprisingly, this A1 protein only started to appear after centuries of dairy farming. Common in northern European cow breeds, milk from Ayrshire, British Shorthorn, Holstein, and Fresian cows all contain the A1 beta-casein protein.

The A2 protein, on the other hand, has been a part of cow’s milk for several millennia. Diluted thanks to selective breeding, A2 milk comes from Charolais, Guernsey, Jersey, and Limousin cow breeds, originating from the Channel Islands and Southern France. Surprisingly, this makes cow’s milk more similar to human breast milk, giving credence to its digestibility.

While mainstream milk still contains some A2 protein, it is minuscule compared to the milk produced by our KiwiCross cows.

The Famous KiwiCross Cow

Science is still at the forefront of A2+ milk despite encouraging ancient farming traditions. Harnessing world-leading scientific research, NATUREDAY A2+ Probiotics Formulated Milk Powder is a pure, premium dairy product sourced from the purest origin of New Zealand.

Looking outside the box (or milk carton), we’re transforming mainstream milk with a promise to make your daily dairy intake more nutritious, enjoyable and appetising. With a panel of incredible scientists, formulators and nutritionists led by Strategic Cooperation Research Scientist Dr Vijaya Rajendram, our cutting edge dairy research keeps health and wellness front of mind.

And because of that, we ensure the cows we choose are the most premium cattle in the country. Our KiwiCross are descendants of noble Jersey and Holstein-Friesian breed, meaning we source 100% genetically verified A2 cows that produce only A2 beta-casein. Our quality control is so strict that only 1 in 8 cows receives the NATUREDAY seal of approval.

Free-Range NATUREDAY Pastures

It’s not just cattle that make a difference. Using geography to our advantage, we harness the unpolluted landscapes, the abundant resources and the top farming environments that New Zealand offers. As a result, NATUREDAY cattle roam free, eating natural ryegrass and drinking mineral-rich lake water while enjoying the sounds of uninterrupted nature, just as our New Zealand ancestors intended. And thanks to all that free-roaming, our famous KiwiCross cows produce higher quality milk with a healthier balance of Omega-6, Omega-3, β-Carotene, Vitamin E and Lactose Protein.

The A2+ Difference

So what makes NATUREDAY Powdered Milk that much better than other A2 milk products at the supermarket? It's our patented DuPont dual probiotics (NCFM and HN019). Formulated to optimise gut health, NATUREDAY Powdered Milk represents an exciting new solution for people who love milk but are concerned about those side effects of mainstream milk.

These two probiotic strains effectively enhance your digestion and absorption of nutrients, including dairy protein and vitamin and mineral elements. And with 1.7 billion probiotics in each glass of NATUREDAY A2 + Probiotics milk, that’s a lot of digestive enhancement.

In addition to the patented probiotic formula, A2+ powdered milk is enriched with other

supplements, including Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Magnesium, making our milk higher quality and nutritionally stronger than ordinary A2 milk powder.

“Stress and poor dietary habits due to a busy lifestyle have resulted in many of us experiencing digestive health issues such as abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn, bloating, constipation,” says NATUREDAY mastermind Dr Vijaya Rajendram. “Replenishing our gut health is crucial to ensure our digestive system functions well and for us and our children to experience a healthy life.”

“Milk is one of the most important nutrient sources for families, and NATUREDAY A2+ Probiotics Formulated Milk Powder is the ideal solution for restoring microbiota and gut health, as well as supporting you with protein, calcium and vitamins. It’s the ideal product for people and families who are too busy to look after themselves. It relieves digestive discomfort and symptoms of lactose intolerance.”

What NATUREDAY’s scientists have produced is a delightful formulated full cream family milk that’s authentic, delicious and cutting-edge. It’s Absorption PLUS, offering 8.4g of protein, including the all-important A2 β-casein protein, alongside 72% of the calcium an adult needs each day. Coupled with everything else, this winning combination helps deliver healthy digestion and natural immunity thanks to the 1.7 billion probiotics in each glass of NATUREDAY A2 + Probiotics milk.

Enjoy the Dairy+ experience with A2+ Probiotics Formulated Full Cream Milk Powder.

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wow, I had no idea A2+ was so different from A2! Good to know products like this exist, excited to try!

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Hi Olivia,

Thank you for being so interested in our product.

Please see our offline channels in NZ & AU below: The Natural HealthCo-Howick 9/10 Wellington Street, Howick, Auckland 2014 Phone: (09) 534 0445 The Natural HealthCo-Devonport 81 Victoria Rd Devonport, Auckland 0624 Phone: (09) 445 2851

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Pharmacy in Mosman, New South Wales 886 Military Rd, Mosman NSW 2088 Phone: (02) 9969 4155 If you would like to try our product, you can follow our official IG account--natureday_dairy. We hold giveaway campaigns from time to time.

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