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What is A2+ Milk? And Why Should I Be Drinking It?

Updated: May 20, 2022

Here’s a crazy fact. The average person consumes roughly 6,178 litres of milk in their lifetime. That’s enough milk to fill up one of those fancy swim spas. And while there’s plenty of evidence to suggest submerging your body in milk is good for the skin, we’re more interested in how our milk can benefit all of you.

Our NATUREDAY A2+ Probiotics Formulated Full Cream Milk Powder is the culmination of years of research. Discovering that the human body can only absorb so many nutrients from mainstream milk and the varied gastrointestinal issues associated, the Natureday formula offers a delicious full cream family milk with a vastly improved nutritional value for a happier digestive system.

With a promise to improve bone health and intestinal health and boost immunity, we can’t wait for you to experience the difference that is A2+ milk. For the curious amongst you, keep reading to learn more about the health benefits of A2 milk and our inventive formula.

A Brief History of Cow’s Milk

NATUREDAY brings together ancient farming traditions and innovative scientific research to provide a pure, premium and pioneering product range. Hailing from the purest origin of New Zealand, our mission is to elevate your everyday dairy experience to "Dairy Plus".

But how did milk become such an integral part of human society? Well, archaeological evidence shows humans drinking the stuff as far back as the Neolithic revolution (8000 BCE), with humans consuming milk all over Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Procuring the white gold for at least 10,000 years, dairy has been a mainstay since even before the dawn of agriculture and farming, which has since led to four separate instances of genetic evolution in the way humans digest milk.

However, one issue that continues to plague cow’s milk is lactose intolerance. And despite the plethora of nut milk alternatives - soy, almond, oat - many of us are searching for milk that tastes like real milk, without all the funny business in the bathroom later.

Understanding Lactose and Casein Proteins

Milk is notable for containing a type of sugar called lactose. However, unlike the sugars found in fruit and sweet foods, we need a particular enzyme called lactase to digest lactose, which is typically only present during infancy. While some may continue to produce this enzyme into adulthood, many of us do not, and as such, lactose is not digested correctly, leading to some unfortunate gastrointestinal side effects.

Unlike mainstream milk, which lacks a form of β-casein proteins called A1, A2 milk, like human breast milk, contains more A2 β-casein proteins, which are easily broken down and digested by the human body.

Though these proteins are almost identical, A2+ milk is easier to break down, easier to absorb and easier to enjoy. Incredibly, A2+ milk can actually relieve digestive discomfort and is less likely than A1 milk to cause inflammation and constipation. We’ll be covering the differences between A2+ Milk and Mainstream milk in a future blog post, including how farmers genetically test cows for the A2 or A1 protein.

NATUREDAY Milk Nutrients

Choosing which dairy product to add to your weekly shopping cart is more important than you might think. Although a standard glass of your run-of-the-mill mainstream milk might be a great source of calcium in the morning, nothing compares to NATUREDAY A2+ Probiotics Formulated Full Cream Milk Powder and its plethora of A2 milk benefits.

Each glass of NATUREDAY A2 + Probiotic milk offers 72% of the calcium an adult needs each day. It also contains 8.4g of protein, roughly the same amount as 1.4 eggs, 50g of meat or 420g of spinach. So even Popeye will be happy with your delicious decisions.

And then there are the immunity-boosting properties of our incredible formula. Higher levels of natural Vitamin E and C help eliminate free radicals and enhance immunity. As for the increased magnesium, well, it helps with a multitude of bodily functions, so we’ll just list them here.

The added magnesium in NATUREDAY A2 + Probiotic milk:

  • Helps to maintain normal nerve and muscle function.

  • Assists in supporting a healthy immune system.

  • Maintain bone strength.

  • Benefits blood glucose levels.

  • Aids the production of energy and protein.

Maximum Nutrient Absorption

Although the nutritional value of our A2+ milk is essential, the benefits of A2 milk are utterly useless if it's unable to be adequately absorbed. To resolve this issue, we created an award-winning probiotic combination of HOWARU Lactobacillus acidophilus and NCFM + Bifidobacterium HN019.

Those are some big scientific words, so don’t worry if you don’t know what they mean. As for what they are, they’re two essential probiotics that, in tandem, help deliver healthy digestion and natural immunity. Together, these two probiotic strains can effectively enhance the digestion and absorption of nutrients, including dairy protein and vitamin and mineral elements.

And with each glass of NATUREDAY A2 + Probiotics milk containing 1.7 billion of these probiotics, there’s plenty to go around.

The Natureday Family Promise

Is A2 Milk better for you? We sure think so.

Elevate your routine dairy experience to Dairy Plus A2+ milk! Drink the tastiest milk you’ve ever had that's easier to digest and absorb than mainstream milk. Suitable for the whole family, kid’s over the age of 3 will grow big and strong, pregnant women will see proven benefits, the elderly will experience a boost to their immunity, and everyone else will enjoy a settled stomach.

Experience for yourself how Natureday Dairy Plus A2+ milk can improve your life.

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